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Open sores appearing on the lower leg or ankle are called venous ulcers — these are signs that the venous disease has progressed.Heredity is the number one contributing factor causing varicose and spider veins.While sclerotherapy has long been considered the gold standard first-line treatment for small leg veins, with the new longer-pulsed 1064 nm Nd:Yag lasers and improved skill with their use, many clinicians will consider laser earlier in the leg vein treatment algorithm.During a Laser Leg Vein treatment, your provider will apply ultrasound gel to the area being treated.

Venous insufficiency is a condition in which the veins have problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart.Sclerotherapy is still a superior treatment to the laser for leg veins.

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Together, spider veins and varicose veins affect approximately 80 million people in the United States each year.In fact, Navarro has been treating veins in the legs, hands and face for more than 30 years and is the co-creator of the endovenous laser treatment, a method that allows doctors to use lasers to remove bulging varicose veins without cutting into the body.Fortunately, vein doctors now have several treatment options, such as sclerotherapy and laser vein therapy, to offer patients.Unattractive leg veins are all too common for women of every age and a great cause of embarrassment for many.

Learn about spider vein removal treatments and measures you can take to prevent new spider veins from appearing.Spider veins are smaller, red, purple, and blue vessels that also twist and turn.Laser treatment works by sending strong bursts of light onto the vein, which makes the vein slowly fade and disappear.

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Varicose veins and spider veins are not dangerous (with rare exceptions).Treatment plans are personalized according to your specific needs, with the goal to achieve the highest level of health and cosmetic benefits. Leg Veins.

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The most common areas of ulceration are above the inside and outside of the ankle.

Varicose veins are a common condition of swollen, twisted veins that you can see just under the skin.The cardiovascular system is an amazing and complex network of arteries, veins and capillaries, all of which work together to keep our blood oxygenated, and keep us alive.The Excel V has 2 wavelengths to treat the veins: 1064 and 532.Both ailments can be solved either at home or with the help of a doctor.Spider veins are tiny purple or red blood vessels located in the skin of the leg near the surface.

Varicose veins can lead to aching or even ulceration of the legs.At Concept Medical in Ottawa we offer a number of treatment options for your leg veins including laser treatments and sclerotherapy.Causes Normally, valves in your deeper leg veins keep blood moving forward toward the heart.Now men and women alike are making unsightly leg veins a thing of the past, and most importantly no more painful injections.

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In two to five 20-minute therapy sessions, doctors direct strong pulses of light at your leg, causing small spider and varicose veins to disappear.Laser therapy for broken leg veins may cause pain, redness and discolored skin, although you can return to your regular activities immediately after having the treatment.Our board certified physicians, Steven L. Simmons, D.O. and Robert Menzies, M.D., have been serving the DFW Metroplex for over a decade and help hundreds of patients each year treat their varicose veins, spider veins, bulging veins, leg pain, restless leg syndrome and other conditions caused by Venous Reflux.Available at The Laser and Skin Clinic, Sclerotherapy leg vein removal treatment is a medical treatment used to treat and eliminate spider veins on legs including reticular veins.Laser Leg Vein treatments are laser treatments and sclerotherapy is an injectable therapy used to remove spider and reticular veins.Leg Veins - Laser Hair Removal Take comfort in a nonsurgical treatment for leg veins.Laser Treatment of Leg Veins can significantly improve the look of your legs by reducing or eliminating unsightly veins.

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It has been in use for many years and continues to be the most effective and economic treatment for leg veins. 4. YAG Laser - Laser can be used to treat some veins - usually on the face.It involves injecting the veins with a special solution that collapses the veins, causing them to then be disolved by the body.

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Because of the high success rate and fast recovery time, Endovenous Laser Ablation is slowly becoming known as the most effective means for treatment of varicose veins.Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive injection treatment for smaller varicose veins called reticular veins and spider veins.